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Bathroom Renovation

02 September 2022

Part of doing a whole house renovation of course includes a nice bathroom reno too. The interior of this home on the Lake Of The Prairies is just as gorgeous as the views of the lake it overlooks. 

Modern bathroom renovation with black shower head & faucet, white bathtube, white & grey bathroom tiles & white toilet.
Text with Reznor brand and information.  Image of Reznor garage heater installed.

Today's Feature: Reznor

26 August 2022

When it comes to garage heaters, my preferred brand to work with is Reznor. Reznor garage heaters are efficient, and they offer many different models & sizes ranging from 30,000-400,000BTU to best suit your individual needs, whether it be residential or commercial use. Their forced air systems run off natural gas or propane and some models have the option to draw in fresh air from outside rather than inside which prevents contaminants in the air from being burned in the unit. When it comes to service work, they offer an easy to use to warranty system, making any repairs & replacements a breeze.

Infographic of 3 things to consider about Garage Heaters.

About Garage Heaters

17 August 2022

Considering installing a new garage heater in your garage or workshop? With our long and cold Saskatchewan winters, it only makes sense you want to keep your vehicles and/or workspace warm! You might have noticed some garage heaters at your local retail chain stores and thought they might be a quick and affordable option. Sadly, my experience with these garage heaters is that they are typically low-quality products that do not last, require extensive service work to keep them operational, and generally offer little to no support when it comes to warranty when components inevitably start to fail. I want to save my customers the headache of dealing with these sub optimal choices and instead direct them towards a more reliable garage heater that will keep running for a long time to come, with minimal service work required. But before we do that, let’s quickly review 3 important factors to consider when looking for a new garage heater.

1.Fuel Source

Typically, your options will be natural gas, propane or electric. Pretty standard choices, but of course, as a licensed gasfitter, I can alter your existing gas lines to get your new natural gas or propane heater hooked up safely and keep you warm through the cold months.

2.Heating Method

Your garage heater will work using one of the following methods: Forced Air, Convection, or Radiant Heating. Forced Air blows out warm air until the ideal temperature is reached in your garage. Convection heating works by taking cold air and warming it before cycling it back out into the room. Finally, Radiant heating works by transferring heat directly to objects and people using infrared radiation, and thus not disrupting the air in the room.


How big of a space you are planning to keep warm will dictate the size of garage heater you will need. Once we have calculated the size of the space you are going to keep heated, we can find you the right size of heater, measured in BTU’s, ranging from residential to commercial grade.

Jeff Chappell journeyman plumber & gasfitter installs new commercial Reznor garage heater.

Commercial Garage Heater Install in Norquay, SK.

12 August 2022

Had a good time installing a new commercial Reznor garage heater for the new ambulance station in Norquay, SK.
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