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Newly installed C96 Continental furnace with custom built ducting.

Residential Heating Services

With our long and cold Saskatchewan winters, not having heat in your home is not an option. A furnace not working in the dead of winter can be a scary experience we all want to avoid, especially if you don’t have a professional you can rely on to show up immediately and get heat going again as soon as possible.


From preventative furnace inspections to emergency furnace repairs, let us be your peace of mind that helps you stay relaxed and warm.

Emergency Repair, Service, & Installs

Nothing beats preventative care, particularly for those critical appliances in our homes such as furnaces, but we understand that sometimes despite our best efforts we still will experience situations that require emergency repairs.


That’s why we offer a full range of services for furnaces, starting with inspections typical done in the fall to catch any issues before the cold kicks in, emergency repairs for when things go wrong while in use, and new installs when it’s time to update older furnaces that are past their prime. Maintaining heat in your home is a job we take seriously.

Newly installed furnace with ducting.
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