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A newly installed corner shower kit with clear sliding glass door.

Residential Plumbing Services

When your home’s plumbing isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, it’s time to call in a professional who will identify and fix the problem the right way.


Whether its water leaking from a pipe, cold water coming instead of hot, or toilet not flushing properly, we offer a full range of residential plumbing services in the Kamsack, SK & surrounding area.

Emergency Repair, Service, & Installs

You might be looking for an emergency plumber to fix a serious problem right away, or maybe you need some service work or are planning some plumbing upgrades in your home. No matter the case, you can rest assured that when you call Jeff Chappell Plumbing & Heating, a licensed journeyman plumber will be taking care of your home. Putting our 10+ years of experience and pride in craftsmanship to work, we’ll look after your home like it’s our own.

Bathroom mirror, sink & toilet.

Got Plumbing Problems?

Splash of Water


Emergency Services

  • Major water leaks & burst pipes

  • Flooding

  • Backed Up Sewer Main


Water Heater

  • No hot water

  • Leaking tank

  • Pilot light out


Wells & Septic

  • Well Pump Failure

No water pressure, pump constantly running

  • Septic Pump Failure

Sewage backs up into home


Kitchen & Bathroom

  • Toilets

Clogs, leaks, constant running

  • Shower & Bath

Clogs, leaks, replacements

  • Sinks

Clogs, leaks, replacements

  • Faucets

Leaks, replacement

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